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Kevin Martin Starts Over With Zero Dollars In Bankroll

Twitch poker streaming has seen numerous bankroll challenges through the years, but one popular streamer is offering up something a bit new. Online poker pro Kevin Martin is ditching his entire bankroll in a new challenge he’s calling “Poker From $0” – all captured on video 24/7.

The effort sees the Canadian attempt to run up his bankroll from nothing. But what may be even more interesting is that the GGPoker ambassador is moving into a new house to have the entire experience – beyond simply the online poker action – streamed live from various camera angles around the location.

The entire setup may be fitting for the former Big Brother Canada contestant and winner – combining reality show and poker streaming.

“Welcome to the closest look into my life that there might ever be,” he notes in a video promoting the new challenge. “If you wanted a reality show, we made our own reality show. I’ve put myself in a rigorous social experiment. I officially have no money and I have to recreate my entire poker life.”

Poker Fish Bowl

Martin isn’t actually starting from nothing, with new Twitch subscribers adding 10 cents to the roll, and he’s also sold a few items to kick things off, with video cameras following him to a pawn shop to see what he could get. He returned with $200 and the hope to then spin that up to $5,000.

“Ideally in my mind, this is all I need,” he said on day one after securing some cash from the pawn shop. “This is really an ember and we’re going to aggressively bankroll (manage), and we’re going to see (where it goes).”